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Tiffani’s Story

April 25, 2014 By: manager Category: Uncategorized

TiffaniDuring my sophomore year of High School, I decided I wanted to be a hair stylist. My little sister was always my model for practice. I tried to start cosmetology school at the career center in AIken but they said it was too late in the year, so I waited until it got closer to the end of my senior year. I had already been going to Jayson Lacy Salon to have my hair done and he recommended that I go to Lacy Cosmetology School.
On top of all that I learned in school, I learned that I love to teach people the knowledge and techniques of hair that I know, I got to train at Jayson Lacy Salon while I was in school so I had an advantage. After I finally got my 1500 hours and passed all of my tests, I started working at Jayson Lacy Salon. In the 7 months that I have been working here, I have discovered my passion for color. I love being able to be creative, make people happy and feel good about themselves. I can’t believe how much I have grown in this industry and I always continue to grow. Maybe one day, I will become an instructor.

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