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Best Price Keratin Treatment, Keratin Treatment Coupon

May 07, 2012 By: manager Category: Uncategorized

If you have been looking to get a keratin treatment, look no further. We have the best keratin treatment money can buy. Do not trust just anyone to provide this service. We are certified keratin treatment specialists. This treatment has to be done extremely precise. We offer you the best that is available today in keratin technology.

We are offering you an opportunity on Friday, June 15, 2012 to receive 15% off this amazing, life changing hair service. This will provide you with up to 5 months of care-free, frizz-free hair that still has body and bounce. This is the most amazing hair service available today. The technology used in this treatment is nothing like what we are used to with perms and relaxers. It simply seals the cuticle which keeps the hair from frizzing, and naturally comes out of the hair for up to 5 months. There are no “roots” that grow back with this treatment. As time goes on, the hair returns back to its original state…EVENLY. The best hair treatment available today!!!

We only use the best products here at Jayson Lacy Salon, Goldwell colorance

March 06, 2012 By: manager Category: Uncategorized

As the best salon in Augusta we make it a point to only use the best products for your hair! Our Goldwell color and maintenance products are the best on the market. Goldwell colorance not only provides that perfect shade you’ve been looking for but now leaves your hair healthier than ever:

  • +35% improved hair structure due to pH-balanced technology with patented IntraLipid
  • The color results: shiny, colored hair full of freshness and liveliness!

Our hair naturally loses lipids over time but Goldwell colorance restores up to 35% back into your hair! You will notice shinier, bouncier, healthier hair after you color. You can’t get these results from a box. We guarantee you’ll love your hair! Call us today for an appointment!

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Morrocan Oil at Jayson Lacy Salon

January 17, 2012 By: manager Category: Uncategorized

Moroccan oil products have become one of the best selling hair care product lines in the world and we have it here at Jayson Lacy Salon!

Moroccan oil is absorbed by the hair instantly, providing a natural, silky finish and a glossy shine. Moroccan oil can also restore over-processed hair damaged by environmental and chemical factors while reviving, hydrating and detangling hair! Here at Jayson Lacy Salon we offer a variety of their products, including the Moroccan Oil Curl Cream. The Moroccan oil curl cream is thick and full of moisturizers, giving you great hold and movement!

Choose Moroccan oil and kiss your frizz goodbye!

Its one of our favorite products so come in and get yours at the best salon in Augusta before its gone!