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Can’t do your hair the way your stylist does it? Here’s one easy secret!

June 19, 2012 By: manager Category: Uncategorized

We all love the way our hair looks just after we leave the salon. Reproducing this look at home isn’t always as easy, is it? One easy trick to fix this lies in an appliance you might use everyday — your hair dryer!

The inexpensive brands you get at Target or Wal-Mart just don’t have the same effect on your hair as the professional ones. Cheap hair dryers that use metal or plastic elements diffuse positive ions which cause the cuticle covering of the hair shaft to open, causing frizz and a dull appearance. Ionic hair dryers produce negatively charged ions, which cause the cuticle to remain flat, eliminating frizz and giving hair more body. Professional-grade hair dryers also dry hair faster and leave hair silkier and smoother.

At jayson lacy salon, we carry the CHI Nano Blow Dryer. It is a lightweight, quiet dryer that utilizes ceramic technology, negative ions, far infrared, and low EMF. It’s a great investment! This dryer retails at $255. We carry it for just $119.


Morrocan Oil at Jayson Lacy Salon

January 17, 2012 By: manager Category: Uncategorized

Moroccan oil products have become one of the best selling hair care product lines in the world and we have it here at Jayson Lacy Salon!

Moroccan oil is absorbed by the hair instantly, providing a natural, silky finish and a glossy shine. Moroccan oil can also restore over-processed hair damaged by environmental and chemical factors while reviving, hydrating and detangling hair! Here at Jayson Lacy Salon we offer a variety of their products, including the Moroccan Oil Curl Cream. The Moroccan oil curl cream is thick and full of moisturizers, giving you great hold and movement!

Choose Moroccan oil and kiss your frizz goodbye!

Its one of our favorite products so come in and get yours at the best salon in Augusta before its gone!