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Free Gift!

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In the month of August 2014, come in, get a Keratin Treatment and get your free full sized bottle of d’cinque shampoo. A value of $24.95.

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Back to school Keratin Special!

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For all of you working Mom’s out there, your mornings are hectic enough without having to spend a great deal of time on your hair. Keratin treatments cut your blow dry time in half!!! Your hair will be more manageable and easy to style. It will resist humidity, feel soft and silky and have a luminous shine. A Keratin treatment is a smoothing treatment that will not only make your hair smooth but help your busy mornings go smooth as you will be spending less time on your hair. Come in for your back to school Keratin treatment and receive a free full sized bottle of our d’cinque’ shampoo. D’cinque shampoo is the shampoo that you have to use to guarantee that your keratin lasts. Keratin is a working Mom’s lifesaver and you will be thrilled to have frizz free hair in August!  Call 803.279.1838 call to schedule!


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Balayage is the newest color technique that salons all over the country are using. It allows the colorist to utilize their creativity and artistic talent to personalize the placement of each highlight and lowlight. Color is swept or painted onto the hair to create depth and dimension. Fashionistas demand color that can be exclusively designed just for them and their needs. Balayage is perfect for blondes for giving a soft, sun-kissed look and perfect for brunettes for a look with subtle dimension. Balayage is less expensive to maintain than the traditional highlights. Our favorite celebrities and models like Gisele Bundchen, Eva Longoria, and Sarah Jessica Parker are taking advantage of beautiful, trendy hair color. images.jpgBlonde Balayage.jpg

Jayson’s Story

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jaysonWhat’s my story? It’s a question that I get regularly. I decided that I really ought to put it on paper. So here it is!

Growing up in the hair salon was a different kind of childhood. Many, many days spent in the salon after school made me look forward to being old enough to start playing football for the school, this way I didn’t have to go to the salon afterward. I was relieved to go face extreme temperatures and football equipment as well as running and sweating profusely, it was better than enduring the salon everyday. As I got older, I was unsure as to where the road would lead for me. I ended up taking the easy path of following what was familiar to me, the salon world. I did it more as a temporary job until I could figure it all out. Thanks to my dad’s encouragement, I went back to school to get my instructors license. This would give me the ability to teach others in school as well as teach continuing education to those already licensed. This is where it all started for me, and the light bulb came on. Through that process I realized something. I realized that by growing up in the salon, I had an advantage in an industry that was starving for good instruction. It isn’t necessarily a hairstylists fault if they aren’t that good at what they do. Unfortunately, from what I have seen, they were just instructed incorrectly. Most of the time the person has the talent, it just has to be channeled in the right direction. It skyrockets a stylist’s career when they are trained correctly from the beginning.

I since have moved on from teaching students in the school, and now I get to share my knowledge with my team on a daily basis. Through this process I have realized that being a great hairstylist doesn’t require a ton of raw talent, if it did I would not be here! What it does require is great training. My mother taught me the basics that I still use today, and by building on that foundation, my own style has evolved. I enjoy giving all that I have to other stylists so that they too can evolve into their own style.

As a result of my desire for teaching other stylists , I decided I wanted to reach more stylists through teaching their required continuing education. Because it is so hard to find quality training, I wanted to make it even easier for them to get the training they need, so I took it to the web. In 2014, I launched CE Training Courses, Inc. The website is designed with my most important goal in mind, quality training. Now hairstylists have access to great training all while receiving the required credit to renew their license, so whether they cared or not, they were presented with the opportunity to get better at what they do.

I have to say that I am proud of my salon team. I have seen everyone’s personal talent evolve as a result of the intense training we have done. I now even recommend our clients go to other team members so they get a great new look from time to time. It’s easy to keep the same old hair do, and jumping into the chair of another trained and talented stylist is a great way to get a change whether you want it subtle or dramatic.

Reflecting on past years, I feel so fortunate to be surrounded with great people. My salon team is great to work with and our clients are so much fun to serve! I really have much to be thankful for at this point in my life, and I’m so glad to be able to share it daily with those around me.

Tiffani’s Story

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TiffaniDuring my sophomore year of High School, I decided I wanted to be a hair stylist. My little sister was always my model for practice. I tried to start cosmetology school at the career center in AIken but they said it was too late in the year, so I waited until it got closer to the end of my senior year. I had already been going to Jayson Lacy Salon to have my hair done and he recommended that I go to Lacy Cosmetology School.
On top of all that I learned in school, I learned that I love to teach people the knowledge and techniques of hair that I know, I got to train at Jayson Lacy Salon while I was in school so I had an advantage. After I finally got my 1500 hours and passed all of my tests, I started working at Jayson Lacy Salon. In the 7 months that I have been working here, I have discovered my passion for color. I love being able to be creative, make people happy and feel good about themselves. I can’t believe how much I have grown in this industry and I always continue to grow. Maybe one day, I will become an instructor.

Brassy Hair Cure!

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imagescoloranceWear orange this spring and summer, but don’t wear it on your head! By applying this ammonia-free color to your hair, it cuts out the brassiness while giving the hair a conditioning shine. While colorance hair color will lighten over time (especially with the sun causing fading), it won’t turn brassy as it lightens. Goldwell’s Colorance line uses the highest technology to provide optimal long lasting color that fades “tone on tone”. This means that your color will simply lighten, but not turn that horrible orange that you hate!  It also improves the moisture level of your hair up to 3 x’s its current level. As you know, we only use THE BEST color products on our clients. Mention you saw this post when you call to reserve your color appointment, and we will give you a

FREE TRAVEL PACK of our famous d’cinque home maintenance products while supplies last.
Using d’cinque guarantees that your color will last longer and stay richer than ever. This product line focuses on rebuilding and maintaining all 5 parts of the hair shaft as well as maintaining the pH level that is right for long lasting health and color richness. CALL NOW 803.279.1838 this offer expires on May 29th, 2014!    

FREE TRAVEL PACK!dcinque travel


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Video message from Jayson

The Cora Collection Celebration!

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We are so thankful for the new blessing in our life, and this new reason to be excited about life and the future. This years fall collection is actually a celebration! For Cora’s Collection Celebration, I am giving one free bottle of d’cinque to everyone that takes advantage of this celebration. As everyone knows, d’cinque is simply the best! I don’t even have to explain the awesomeness of this line of hair care. If you are using it, I know you would love to have a FREE bottle. Call for more information!

Join the rest of the CSRA

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Join the rest of North Augusta and Aiken in Frizz Free Hair All Summer with just one visit to Jayson Lacy Salon where Jayson Lacy, Brandy Wiscaver and Kristen Perry can change your life….with less time spent in the morning fixing your hair and never worrying about frizz!!! Call us today at 803.279.1838 

Get Summer Hair Under $200.00

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Hurry up and get your Summer Collection at 15% OFF Foils and a Keratin Treatment… a Partial Foil and a Keratin Express Treatment will be under 200.00!!!! Call us today at 803.279.1838